Strengthening Mississippi’s Public Schools Through Research and Education

Issues Affecting Public Schools

School Funding

2008 was the last year that Mississippi public schools were fully funded according to state law.


Corporate profits and private interests drive much of the “education reform” agenda.

Student Achievement

Positive trends in student achievement are evident in school ratings, national scores, and other measures.

Early Childhood

Expanding the availability of quality early learning experiences is key to moving Mississippi forward.


Charter Schools

Mississippi limits charter schools to high-quality, not-for-profit charter organizations in certain school districts.



Coronavirus is continually changing the landscape of public education in Missississppi.


What is the goal? Transforming our state into the Mississippi we all want and deserve.

Under 40

A network of young professionals.

Public School Supporters

Fighting for pre-k for every child, fully funded public schools, salaries that attract and retain good teachers, and keeping public dollars in public schools.

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