Privatizers Targeting Local School Boards

Dark Money and School Board Elections
  • “…parents, teachers, and public school advocates warn of huge sums of money coming from outside their communities to influence local politics and bankroll school board candidates who support school privatization…backed by deep-pocketed organizations and individuals who intend to disrupt local school governance in order to impose forms of schools that operate like private contractors rather than public agencies—an agenda not dissimilar from that of (former Secretary of Education) DeVos.”
    Source: Worse Than Betsy DeVos? Outside Money Swamps 2020 School Board Elections

  • “But in a growing number of mostly bigger cities, school board elections are being dominated by Astroturf campaigns that merely pretend to be run on a grassroots level. Outside money, frequently from out of state and pooled anonymously by dark money super PACs, is being heavily invested in advertising for particular local candidates chosen for their corporate-reform, pro-privatization ideological purity.”
    Source: Astroturf School Board Electioneering

  • “There is a national movement to dismantle public education, and I didn’t really believe that when I first became involved in this discussion. But that’s what’s happening,” said Amy Frogge, a former (Nashville) Metro School Board member, a Metro School parent and a public education activist. “Largely this is coming from corporate interests, from billionaires, from millionaires outside the state.”
    Source: Billionaires, Millionaires, Corporate Interests Fuel Battle Over Tennessee Schools


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