Achievement Impact of Private School Vouchers

Indiana Vouchers – Substantial, Enduring Achievement Losses An August 2018 report1, based on six years of longitudinal data from the nation’s largest voucher program, found that voucher students had “substantial average achievement loss” in math and no significant difference in English language arts compared to their public school peers. Public and private school students in Indiana […]

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School Choice: Myth vs Truth

MYTH #1: Vouchers give parents the freedom to choose. TRUTH: It’s the private schools that do the choosing, not parents. Private voucher schools choose the students they want and routinely deny admission to voucher recipients. MYTH #2: Vouchers help low income students. TRUTH: Voucher schools charge tuition in excess of what the voucher pays, do not provide

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Privatizers Targeting Local School Boards

Dark Money and School Board Elections “…parents, teachers, and public school advocates warn of huge sums of money coming from outside their communities to influence local politics and bankroll school board candidates who support school privatization…backed by deep-pocketed organizations and individuals who intend to disrupt local school governance in order to impose forms of schools

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Vouchers Do Not Guarantee Admission to Private Schools

In the 2016-2017 school year, 425 vouchers were available for children with special needs (under the Education Scholarship Account or ESA program).  A second lottery was held in January 2017 to distribute 134 vouchers that had become available since the beginning of the school year, indicating that almost one-third of the vouchers originally available were

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What’s Behind the Awards Curtain

State leaders are congratulating themselves for a recently announced national education award, which hails Mississippi for Governor Bryant’s 2013 “transformational education reform package,” citing charter schools, the A-F rating system, and literacy initiatives as markers for success. The award is given by the Education Commission of the States (ECS), of which Governor Bryant is a

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American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate bill mill that is funded by large for-profit corporations that seek to profit from taxpayer dollars. Education funding is one of ALEC’s favorite targets. The wealthy corporate execs that run ALEC court state legislators to join their group. They donate to political campaigns and treat these elected

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