2024 Senate Proposal to Amend MAEP

In the 2024 Legislative Session, the Senate proposed amendments to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) via Senate Bill 2332. These amendments include adjustments to the inflation component that were put forward  but not enacted in 2023.

SB 2332 amends the MAEP to increase the maximum amount in local contribution that wealthier school districts must provide from 27% to 29.5% of the base cost; adjust the annual growth factor for non-recalculation years from 40% to 25% of the base cost and use a 20-year-average inflation rate; hold harmless for one year school districts that would lose funding due to a drop in average daily attendance; specify that 90% of MAEP funds must be spent on teacher salaries, classroom resources, and expenditures other than salaries for superintendents and principals; require that a pro-rated share of a charter student’s MAEP allocation be returned to the traditional public school if the student returns to the traditional school; and other provisions.

See analysis comparing per-district funding under the MAEP, the Senate plan, and the House plan.

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